How to throw long boxing combos without losing steam

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One of the most recognizable features of an excellent boxing fight is its long striking combinations. Long boxing combos help boxers to knock out their opponents within a few minutes. However, proper execution of these powerful combos without losing steam is essential to maintain a boxer’s energy throughout the competition. 

History has produced great fighters, from Ricardo Lopez to Muhammad Ali, who won the competition by using long boxing combos. But how do these elite boxers achieve such lengthy punch sequences without losing power? The following guide explores the essential tips required to throw long boxing combinations. 

Understanding the Long Boxing Combos

The art of boxing involves combining punches to deliver a series of coordinated, effective blows. Throwing one punch at a time makes you vulnerable in front of your opponents. Therefore, It is best to make use of combination blows whenever feasible. They increase your chances of winning by confusing your opponent. 

The primary punches in boxing include the jab, cross, lead hook, rear hook, left uppercut, and right uppercut. They should undoubtedly be a boxer’s priority to start his journey in boxing. However, before moving on to slips and rolls, start with jabs, crosses, hooks, and uppercuts. Then, practice long boxing combos in knockout boxing to submit your rivals.

Basic Boxing Combos

They involve a combination of two punches. These heavy bag combinations help learn how to use punching correctly in undisputed.

  • Jab Cross:

A jab-cross is the unexpected result of both the jab and the cross’s force. The goal is to eliminate the opposition. Bodyweight boxing jab crosses require proper breathing methods and help you to advance as you alter your force and speed.

  • Jab- lead Hook:

Boxers widely use this knockout punch combo to produce strong, lethal hits. Having two blows with the left hand is difficult, particularly for fighters who need to improve at snapping punches.

  • Cross- Lead hook:

Your opponent will have the opportunity to attack you head-on if you jump without a hook. When you complete the hook, you’re in a straight posture and become a challenging target.

  • Right Uppercut-Left Hook:

Boxers utilize uppercuts to lift the heads of their rivals or to cut through the guards of opposing blocks. With a strong left hook, you can effectively close out the attack.

These are the basic combos in boxing. Other boxing combos include intermediate-level and advanced or lengthy boxing combos. Before moving to these combos, first understand the knockout combos count numbering scheme:

  • Jab =1 
  • Cross =2
  • Lead Hook=3
  • Rear Hook=4
  • Lead Uppercut=5
  • Rear Uppercut=6

Intermediate Boxing Combos:

These knockout combos demand endurance, focus, and the right form for every punch in a boxing match. They are; 

  • Jab-Jab-Cross (1-1-2).
  • Jab-Cross-Left Hook (1-2-3)
  • Jab-Cross-Jab (1-2-1)
  • Jab-Cross-Cross (1-2-2)
  • Jab-Right uppercut-Left Hook (1-6-3) 

Advanced Boxing Combos:

Here is the list of advanced boxing combos;

  • Jab- Cross-Left Hook Cross (1-2-3-2)

End with a powerful cross after your jab builds up your cross, and your left hook strikes smoothly. The last two blows should be very powerful.

  • Jab – Right uppercut – Left hook- Cross (1-6-3-2)

It can become monotonous to begin with the 1-2 continually. Finish with a left hook-cross after dealing huge damage with a right uppercut that also raises his head.

  • Jab-Cross-Left uppercut-Cross (1-2-5-2):

The uppercut will catch your opponent off guard due to its delivery at a downward angle. If your opponent charges at you with his head down, punch him in the head with the cross finish.

  • Cross – Left hook – Cross – Left hook body (2-3-2-3):

To target your rival’s brain and body parts, the cross and left hooks combine effectively.

  • Left Uppercut – Cross – Left Hook – Cross (5-2-3-2)

Start by rocking the opponent’s head back with a lead uppercut to reveal any openings in their guard. After that, drive your rival back with a cross and take him down with a hook.

  • Jab, Cross, Jab, Cross (1-2-1-2):

The goal behind the strategy is to land four strong blows in quick succession. It will be difficult for your opponent to withstand the four blows, regardless of how powerful his guard is.

Tips To Consider To Throw Long Boxing Combos Without Losing Steam:

Following are the tips that everyone must incorporate to throw long boxing combos. These tricks will help you to maintain your body balance while throwing punches.

  • Maintaining the Stance:

It’s important to make sure you are in top physical shape before attempting extended combos in a fight. Having a robust cardiovascular foundation is essential for maintaining energy levels during a combo. Frequent cardiovascular exercises, including running and jump rope, will improve your stamina and endurance. 

  • The technique is the Key:

One of the most crucial things that every aspiring volume puncher should know is that speed in punching comes with the technique. Punching with good form always results in faster combos than merely trying to move the hands as quickly as you can. A perfect punch will always involve a faster hip rotation and whip action than simply using your arm muscles to push. 

  • Controlled Breathing:

It’s common to hear fighters “hiss” in boxing movies as they deliver blows, and this is a legitimate boxing move. Controlled breathing can help you maintain your oxygen levels and make sure your core is working as one unit, especially in longer combos. To prevent muscular exhaustion, breathe in while bringing your fists back and out. It takes some getting used to, so be easy on yourself if it appears right away.

  • Maintaining Proper Rhythm:

Maintaining rhythm with lengthier combinations is just as crucial as using the correct boxing technique. It simply implies that instead of varying between a “walk” and a “sprint” pace in between blows, you should attempt to maintain a constant flow. Maintaining a consistent punching beat enables your body to maintain itself solely through muscle memory, as opposed to conscious thought. 

  • Proper Footwork:

Throughout a combination, keeping your balance and posture depends heavily on your ability to use your feet. Moving about needlessly can deplete your energy during a fight. Pay attention to your foundation so that you can pivot and modify without exerting too much force.

  • Mixing the Shots:

Changing up your shots between the head and body is one method to surprise your opponent and maximize your combos. The jab is the most crucial punch in knockout boxing, but if you always land it first when setting up a combination, it may even start to seem monotonous. Alternatively, consider beginning with the torso and gradually working your way up to the cranium. It’s quick and efficient to combine a solid lead left hook to the body with a straight rear and a rear-hand punch.

  • Understanding Your Fighter’s Power:

Understanding your fighter’s strengths is one of the most important components of creating combos that work. It’s not a good idea to try to throw lengthy, drawn-out combinations when facing off against fighters like Joe Frazier. 

However, shorter combos that combine a regular punch with a power shot can still be useful. Combinations can give more power to specific strikes for boxers with more balance, like Terence Crawford, increasing the damage delivered by each punch.


It takes a lot of training and effort to throw long punch combos, and even the world’s finest fighters struggle with it. Try to maintain the rhythm and flow of your punches while focusing on your opponent. It’s not a simple technique to pick up; nonetheless, incorporating the tips mentioned above with continuous hard work helps you elevate your boxing skills.

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